Below is a list of travel blogs and other travel resources to help you with your own travels. I am subscribed to all of these as I use them for inspiration and for reference in my own travels.

Pinoy Travel Bloggers

Ambot-Ah (
Budget, backpacking, and DIY travel Philippines and Asia.

Angge Travels (
Travel, adventure, photography.

Echoserang Lakwatsera (
The chebers, chorlas, and chuvas of a traveling gay guy.

En Route (
Travel photography and passion for adventure.

Eskapo (
Escape and explore.

Filipina in Flip Flops (
Twenty-something cube-dweller, traveler, writer.

Flip Nomad (
Traveling does not need to be expensive.

Flip N Travels (
Conquering the world one payslip at a time.

Ivan About Town (
Ivan About Town is the personal travel and heritage advocacy journal of Ivan Henares.

Journeying James (
Spend less. Travel more.

Just Wandering (
Just Wandering is my personal travel blog, where I share stories, tips and resources from my travels. With, I hope to share the love for travel with you and awaken your passion.

Lagalog (
Philippines travel and photography blog.

Nomadic Experiences (
Narratives and images of being on the road

Pinay Travel Junkie (
Reportage revolving around a Filipina backpacker mom's random ramblings, spontaneous off-the-beaten path explorations, bizarre eats, occasional voluntourism, life changing reflections, and unconventional baby raising whilst on a globetrot!

Pinoy Mountaineer (
Your guide to hiking in the Philippines.

Rica's Rucksack (
Journey of a 3rd world traveler.

Sole Sisters (
We make travel happen.

Solitary Wanderer (
Tales and tips of a solo female traveler.

Solo Flight Ed (
Of headstands and crazy stunts in the Philippines and the rest of Asia.

I Wander (
Handy travel tips, unusual destinations and more.

Other Travel Sites

Alex in Wanderland (
New York native who left home to explore the world slowly and thoroughly.

A Little Adrift (
Journey towards knowledge and perspective.

Backpacks and Bunkbeds (
Blogger interviews, hostel life, photo essays, photo of the week, etc.

Boots n All (
One-stop indie travel guide.

Globetrotter Girls (
Traveling the globe since May 2010.

GQ Trippin (
See. Eat. Trip.

Groove Traveler (
Exploring the world through music.

Homeless and Confused (
After selling my house in order to be able to travel more, I left myself homeless and perpetually confused about life. My great round-the-world trip started on 2nd February 2012. It would be cool if you tagged along.

Legal Nomads (
I am a former lawyer from Montreal currently eating my way around the world, one country at a time.

Living the Dream (
Going longer, cheaper, and living your dream.

The Longest Way Home (
Going beyond travel.

Man on the Lam (
Shake the shackles. Escape through travel.

Matador Abroad (
Travel to study, work, and play.

Migrationology (
Hey! My name is Mark. After graduating from university, I decided to travel the world!

Monk Brought Lunch (
All travel, all the time, most of the time.

No Place to Be (
An English couple travelling China and South East Asia since August 2010.

Nomadic Chick (
Putting the Gypsy back into travel and life.

Nomadic Matt (
Travel better, cheaper, longer.

Otts World (
Travel and life experiences of a corporate American runaway

See My Travels (
Culture. Nature. Food. Adventure.

Solo Traveler (
I'm known as solo traveler.

This Battered Suitcase (
My name is Brenna and this is a travel and photography blog.

The Tiny Wanderer (
Honest travel and adventure stories from a tiny Malaysian wanderlustress.

Traveling Canucks (
Canadians exploring our world.

Twenty-Something Travel (
Why wait to see the world?

Unbrave Girl (
Encouraging scaredy cats since 2009

Uncornered Market (
Measuring the Earth with our feet

Waegook-Tom (
Waegook, the Korean word for "foreign." Therefore waegooktom can be loosely translated as "Foreign Tom."

What's Dave Doing? (
Living the travel dream.

Thank you very much. Maraming Salamat!