Where I Have Been


The first time I left the comforts of my own country was in 2010 diving head first into the chaos of Vietnam and the grandeur of the temples of Cambodia. By early 2011, I traveled north in Asia experiencing winter for the first time in China. Little did I know that only a few months after that, I would decide to bite the bullet and embark on a six-month trip around Asia. It took me to five more countries: Singapore, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia. It had me returning to Vietnam and China, too.

These are the highlights of my travels thus far:

My "official" journey started October 2011 continuously traveling for weeks and even months on end! I traveled through South and Southeast Asia, relocated for a bit in Thailand, and traveled around back in the Philippines. I then traveled some more in Indonesia. Hopefully, more travels to come to come my way, so do check back, subscribe to this site, or click on the photos and links. Let me share with you stories and photos from the continent of my birth.

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It is only appropriate that a traveler begin his journeys in his own country. This is true in my case. Lucky for me, my country, the Philippines, is composed of 7,107 of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. I have been to quite a few places around here. Not as much as some people I know but it's good enough. Besides, I have a lifetime to travel to each of these islands. But for now, here is a map showing which places in my country I have set foot on.

Manila Cathedral Manila
Old Spanish Quarter
Great Food
Christmas Parades
El Nido Palawan
Limestone Karst Isles
Beaches & Coves
Turquoise Waters
Benguet Cordilleras
Rice Terraces
Mountain Treks
Hill Tribes
Salagdoong Beach Siquijor
Old Spanish Structures
Beaches & Coves
Camiguin Camiguin
Mount Pinatubo Central Luzon
Volcano Crater Lake
War Memorials
Dumaguete Dumaguete
Great Food
Calaguas Bicol
Far-flung Islands
Virgin Beaches
UP Los Baños Laguna
Beautiful Campus
Pahiyas Festival Quezon
Catholic Festival
Basilica de Santo Niño Cebu
Old Spanish Structures
Beaches & Coves
Cagayan de Oro Northern Mindanao
River Rafting
Adventure Park