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WALK FLY PINOY: Travel, Photography, Asia is a travel blog serving as both a travel information resource for independent travelers and backpackers, as well as a portfolio for my travel writing and photography. I am always open to inquiries, contributions, and collaborations. Please see below how I may best help you and how you can contact me.

Travelers Looking for Answers

If you have some burning travel question that needs answering or if you are just looking for honest-to-goodness travel advice for your next trip, then do send in your inquiry. I will do my best, time and availability permitting, to answer your question. Please note, however, that I am not affiliated with any travel agency, tour operator, adventure outfitter, hotel, restaurant, or any other business establishment catering to travelers.

Press Trips

As a travel writer and photographer, I am open to press trips under two conditions: (1) The content I will produce will be for the entity paying for the trip, e.g., a publication needing a writer to go on a press trip and produce stories and photos for a future issue, an organization needing content for its own marketing materials, etc.; (2) The content will in no way be published or promoted in Walk Fly Pinoy or any associated social network.

This means that, as the travel blogger behind Walk Fly Pinoy, I am barring myself from accepting an invite to or applying for a press trip sponsored by an entity, in exchange for posts and photos produced by me, to be published or promoted in Walk Fly Pinoy or any associated social network. Whew!

In simpler words:
Need a competent travel writer and photographer to do a press trip for you? I'm your guy!
Need a blog to produce and publish content on a press trip? Walk Fly Pinoy is not it.

Hiring Me as a Travel Writer and Photographer

I am able (not to mention, very eager) to provide my services as a travel writer and photographer for your publication or organization. I am also open to the reproduction of my stories and photos you see here in Walk Fly Pinoy to print publications. Please browse around this travel blog to know if I and my work fit your requirements. If you need me to point you to posts which I believe demonstrates my competencies the best, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to show you my best work.

Apart from Walk Fly Pinoy, I am also a columnist for the Wild Junket Magazine travel blog and an occassional contributor to its digital magazine. I am also a regular contributor to the Melted Stories travel blog. Additionally, I have been published in some print and inflight magazines namely TRAVEL Leisure and Adventure, Cebu Pacific Smile, and La Isla.


I am open to advertising, but only if I truly believe in the product or service, and have tried and paid for it myself. I consider myself very picky with the products I endorse and will only "get into bed" with companies whose products I truly believe could provide value to my readers. If interested, please contact me to let me know about your product. We can talk brass tacks later.

Guest Posts

I am open to guest posts free of charge provided that: (1) the writer is a travel blogger whom I know personally or through social networks; (2) the post is original and about travel in Asia or travel in general; and, (3) the post has one link to the travel blogger's blog alone. Fit the bill? Contact me. I'd love to introduce you and your travel blog to my readers.


I am open to reviews to be published here in Walk Fly Pinoy on travel products and services, but I will pay for my own way. Let me know about your product by sending me an email. I will first consider if I have use for the product and, more importantly, if I can afford it. If it is not useful to me as a traveler and I cannot afford it, it is likely that it will be of little interest to my readers.

Do note that I write for a few other travel blogs, too, which allow sponsored reviews. If interested about which those travel blogs are, please feel free to contact me.


I am open to affiliate programs, especially with companies whose products and services I truly believe in and hence, have tried and paid for. Interested in having Walk Fly Pinoy join your affiliate program? Please feel free to contact me.

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