Friday, December 13, 2013

Foodie Friday: Indonesia's Babi Guling

(We all know I love to eat, so you know I am not kidding around when talking about food. On Fridays, let me torture myself and anyone who might stumble upon this travel blog with a photo of a delicious food I had in my travels. This week, Foodie Friday features porky goodness in the form of Babi Guling.)

Babi Guling, Bali, Indonesia
The glorious porky goodness that is babi guling

Babi guling is an Indonesian dish that is strangely enough rare in Indonesia. This is precisely because Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Thus, for a large part of the population, pork is not part of the diet. In the Hindu island of Bali, however, well, pork is celebrated. One way it is celebrated is through a dish called babi guling. In a single dish, you get babi sate (pork skewers), juicy pork meat, crunchy pork rind, crispy pork skin, pork blood sausage, lawar (which is a veggie stir-fry with pork bits, coconut shavings, and spices), and peanuts. If that isn't a proper ode to pork, I don't know what is.

Coming from a pork-loving nation myself, I came in thinking I could compare babi guling to the well-loved pig roast dish we have called lechon. It turns out, they are quite different. Different spices are used. Derivative dishes vary, too. Whereas we make the tangy, saucy pork stew dish called lechon paksiw from lechon, the Indonesians make lawar, which was completely new to me. The point is they are both good. What can I say? I love pork.

Any similar pig roast dish you are familiar with?

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