Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick Note for RSS Subscribers: Google Reader Bites the Dust

I read an insane amount of travel blogs and other online publications. One way I keep up with them is through an RSS reader. If you are unfamiliar with RSS, it means "really simple syndication." Your RSS reader is a tool which receives "news" feeds from websites and blogs that you regularly read. Your RSS reader then delivers all these feeds to you in one simple page, like a newspaper you read in the morning.

Naxi Wind Chimes, Lijiang Old Town in Yunnan, China
Naxi wind chimes in Lijiang Old Town. The amount of travel blogs I subscribe to outnumber these by a mile!
(No, not really.)

One of the most reliable and most popular RSS readers out there was Google Reader. I use "was" because sadly, it has bitten the dust. In a couple of weeks, it will be no more. Now, I know some of you choose to get updates on new travel stories and photos from this blog via RSS (around 200+ of you, if my numbers are correct). I do not want to lose even a single one of you. I cherish all of yous, you know.

So if you are still using Google Reader, let me offer some suggestions as to how you can continue receiving updates from this travel blog:

New RSS Reader: You can easily transfer all of your subscriptions from Google Reader to Feedly. I have personally done so and I am happy with it so far. The design and layout of the tool is quite pretty, both its web version and its smart phone app version. Try it out. If you seek for options other than Feedly, please head over to this page: Five Best Google Reader Alternatives.

Updates via Email: You can choose to receive updates from this travel blog direct to your inbox. Simply input your email address in the box below and hit "Subscribe."

Social Networks: Of course, you can always connect with me through various social networks as I regularly post updates (and more) on each one (of course, some more than others). Simply click on the icons below.

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Thank you! What RSS readers have you replaced Google Reader with? Just so I have an alternative in case Feedly does not pan out.

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