Friday, June 7, 2013

Foodie Friday: Best Hits of Singapore Food

(We all know I love to eat, so you know I am not kidding around when talking about food. On Fridays, let me torture myself and anyone who might stumble upon this travel blog with a photo of a delicious food I had in my travels. This includes food I made myself. Yes, I cook. This week, Foodie Friday features some of the best foods I had in the tiny gastronomic island-nation of Southeast Asia: Singapore.)

Singapore People and Food
Best hits of Singapore: ayam panggang, chee cheong fun, and char kway teow.

Truth be told, I don't care much for Singapore as a travel destination. Perhaps because its tourist attractions (largely theme parks and shopping malls) have little to no appeal to me, nor are they within my normal travel budget constraints. There is one thing, however, that I like about it. And this is one big redeeming factor in my book: the food. Singapore has fantastic, affordable, and easily available food. Here I present some of the best I had in a previous visit there. From top to bottom, we have ayam panggang, which is grilled chicken, obviously a Malay dish (being halal and all). We also have chee cheong fun, or rice noodle roll, a Chinese dish and this one is with shrimp inside. Finally, we have the very Singaporean char kway teow, or stir-fried ricecake strips. There is a reason, of course, I'm featuring Singapore food on Foodie Friday this week. It turns out, I'm transiting here in a few weeks as I head to my next backpacking destination. Details soon.

What is your favorite Singapore dish? What are the best hits of Singapore food for you?

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