Friday, May 17, 2013

Foodie Friday: Halo-halo (Tropical Fruits in Crushed Ice)

(We all know I love to eat, so you realize this was coming. On Fridays, let me torture myself and anyone who might stumble upon this travel blog with a photo of one of the countless delicious foods I ever had the pleasure of tasting in my travels, some of which include foods I made myself. Yes, I cook. This week, Foodie Friday features a summer snack popular in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia: Halo-halo.)

Halo-halo (Tropical Fruits in Crushed Ice)
Halo-halo: the perfect snack/refreshment in a scorching hot summer day in Southeast Asia

Summer is about to end here in Southeast Asia and I'm proud to report that I have probably had more glasses of halo-halo than you can count in both hands and feet. I cannot help it. Halo-halo is the perfect summer snack and refreshment in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. Basically, it's cubes of sweetened bananas and yams, sweetened beans and jack fruit, grains of roasted rice, and sago and gelatin, all mixed with ice and milk. When you are feeling extra indulgent, maybe top it off with a slice of creamy purple yam or leche flan. Glorious. Of course, halo-halo is just the Philippine version. Various countries in Southeast Asia have their own versions, each called by different names: Ais Kacang in Malaysia and Singapore, Es Campur in Indonesia, Sam Bo Luong in Vietnam or Baobing in China. Yes, tropical fruits in crushed ice, uniting Asians since the beginning of time.

Which country or countries in Southeast Asia have you had this type of snack and refreshment? Did you like it?

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