Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Published, Speaking Engagement, and Some Housekeeping

There is a reason for which lately, as some of my three readers may have noticed, this travel blog has been focusing on coming out with travel stories rather than practical travel guides, fun lists for light reading, or the goings-on of my travels. (May I direct your attention to my series of travel stories on Yunnan province?) I have been practicing, you see. I want to be able to write pieces I would personally love to read in travel magazines, stories I would gladly and willingly pay for to read, stories that focus on the travel destination rather than the traveler.

To sustain this travel-filled lifestyle, I have done quite a few freelance gigs out there: teaching online, translating, transcribing and writing. I am still engaged in some of these activities, of course. However, lately, I have been focused on working towards something else. I have been a travel-crazed backpacker, an expat (sort of), and a digital nomad. I wanted them all and to a certain extent, I have done them all. Now, I want to be as serious as this travel-filled lifestyle would allow me to. I am currently building a career as a travel writer and photographer.

Getting Published

It has been some work. A lot of emails, and writing, and sorting and editing photos, and revising. All the while doing all my other regular paid freelance work. I am glad that the work is paying off, however. So far, a photo of mine has been published in the spring edition of Wild Junket Magazine. You can read the entire issue for free on the Wild Junket Magazine blog. You can download it for a measly 2.99 USD, too. I assure you, the photos and stories there are nothing short of amazing. I am honored to have been a tiny part of it.

Hanoi Night Lights, Vietnam
"Hanoi Night Lights" published on the Spring edition of Wild Junket Magazine.
Read the issue for free on the Wild Junket Magazine blog.

Editor of Wild Junket Magazine Nellie Huang has also asked me to contribute regularly to the photography column of the magazine's blog. (I know! How awesome is that?) So far, I have done one post: Three Easy Steps to Get Out of the Auto Mode. More posts coming soon!

As regards online work, I have been guest posting in other travel blogs like crazy. Well, not crazy, but a lot. I am extremely glad the owners of these travel blogs allowed me to grace their pages. A couple I have written from a few months back and a few more recent ones:

~ Following Palin's Himalaya on WeAreSoleSisters
~ Meet the Nomads: Paul Xymon Garcia on FlipNomad
~ The Cooking School in Chiang Mai Experience on SoloflightEd
~ Christmas Foods in the Philippines on Waegook-Tom
~ Five Money-Saving Tips in Chiang Mai on Solitary Wanderer

I have a few more stories and photos lined up for publishing in Philippine-based magazines Travel and Meg, in Wild Junket Magazine, and in a couple of travel blogs, too. Do subscribe to my public feeds on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to get the latest juice.

Speaking Engagement

A year or so ago, a friend and I learned about the amazing story of Lois and Chichi of who traveled around India and Southeast Asia for six months. Filipinos. Backpackers. Long-term Travel. Those are words you do not usually see together. They were our backpacker heroines. A couple of months after they came home to the Philippines, just as we were to embark on a backpacking adventure of our own, we heard them speak about their inspirational story. This is my way of paying it forward.

This Friday, March 22, you will have the chance to see me squirm speak in front of an audience and share my story, about how I traveled for as much and as long as I did and about how travel got me where I am now. Hopefully, this will inspire others like me (middle-class, college-educated, young urban professional Filipinos) to consider a life full of travel, not necessarily a life of long-term travel, but a life filled with the joys and lessons only travel can bring.

Machhapuchhre Base Camp, Nepal
I want you to reach the heights of the Himalayas, too!

The event will be the official launch of Tara Let's Go Asia. Tara Let's Go Asia is a collaboration, a project, a movement that involves taking action and inspiring ordinary working professionals to integrate travel into their personal and professional lives. It aims to empower those who have been held back by money and time by providing information and resources and showcasing experience and know-how from ordinary working professionals like them on how to travel the world!

The launch will show people HOW TO MAKE MONEY & TRAVEL THE WORLD. There will be a handful of career-breakers who will be speaking about the 'before,' 'during,' and 'after' of traveling. I will be one of the speakers in this small forum and I encourage you (yes, all three of you) to join us.

The official launch of Tara Let's Go Asia will happen on March 22, 2013 (this Friday), at 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., in 47 East Business Hub located along Esteban Abada in the Katipunan, Quezon City area, Metro Manila.

To register, please go to Tara Let's Go Asia's website.

Some Housekeeping

Now with regards to this travel blog, rest assured that I will continue to be posting stories, and I promise to not make them solely travel stories, but travel guides, fun lists and photo dispatches as well.

I have not been posting much as the electricity and Internet here in the islands is a little bit iffy. Yes, I have been traveling through Palawan, the Philippines' last frontier since last week. I spent my days exploring the remote islands, coves, bays and beaches of El Nido in Northern Palawan. You will forgive me if I tear myself away from the laptop when I get views like this:

Cadlao Island, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Yet again, Palawan has impressed me with its stunning natural beauty.

I have one more (maybe a couple more) posts with regard to traveling in Yunnan province in China. Those planning to go trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, Southwest China's not-to-be-missed travel experience, will find the guide I am creating quite useful. After that, I simply cannot wait to tell you about the gorgeous tropical paradise that is El Nido. So I'll be coming out with posts on that. Then, it's on to Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Chengdu and my arduous but successful trek to the summit of Mount Pulag. All in all, a lot of travel stories in the horizon!

Let me be candid here by saying thank you (to all three of you) for your continued support for I try my best to keep this travel blog full of inspirational travel stories and photos. I have said it before and I'll say it again. Even if I inspired just one person to travel, then I believe I have done my job. I guess that is all for now. Catch you on the slime!

Do join me and a few other people share our stories of travel on Friday, alright?

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