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Five Travel Photos that Capture the Colour

Capture the Colour is a travel blogger photo contest sponsored by I found out about the contest through a tweet by travel photographer Ken Kaminesky who is himself one of the five judges in the contest. Rest assured that his Capture the Colour post is just a sample. That's a tough act to follow.

The Capture the Colour Contest challenges travel bloggers all over the world to define what it is to "capture the colour" by posting five of their most stunning travel photos that capture the colors Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Red. Each colour is a category and each of the winners in the five colour categories gets an iPad as prize. As for the grand prize, it's a whopping 2,000 British pounds! Interested yet?

Prizes notwithstanding, I really wanted to submit my entries as I really enjoy participating in travel blogger photo memes. Good thing Mark of nominated me. Let's get started.


Capture the Colour: Blue in Calaguas, Philippines

I have always thought that lack of sunlight is one of the unfortunate situations any travel photographer could ever find himself in. Not in this case though. The light was just perfect. The dark clouds had just started dissipating then when we arrived at the remote, isolated and virgin beach of Calaguas in the Philippines. Due to the increasing popularity of Calaguas, mostly through word of mouth, these local boatmen are slowly being thrust into the apparently more lucrative trade of tourism. Here, they struggle to anchor their fishing boats turned tourist vessels into the island.


Capture the Colour: Red at the University of the Philippines Lantern Parade, Philippines

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the University of the Philippines hold a yearly Lantern Parade in its flagship campus in Quezon City, Philippines, a massive event participated not just by the students but by the whole university community of faculty, alumni, university staff, etc. Over the years, it has become one of the much awaited Christmas processions in this predominantly Catholic country in Southeast Asia. The photo shows students from the College of Fine Arts, whose lanterns, floats, and costumes everyone eagerly waits for.


Capture the Colour: Yellow at the Grand Palace, Thailand

Bangkok is one of those enigmatic places that has long fascinated travelers, even those who come from other cities in Southeast Asia. I'm talking about myself, of course. Amidst all the urban chaos and modern sensibilities of this fast-paced city, there is an unmistakable high reverence for royalty and religion. I like to think I have captured that with this photo I took of one of the golden yellow stupas at the Grand Palace in Bangkok as the rain clouds were forming above the Thai capital.


Capture the Colour: Green at the Sticky Waterfall, Thailand

Green is a colour I am quite familiar with. Having grown up in a tropical country, the landscapes I saw as a kid comprised of endless paddy fields, lush coconut plantations and, of course, rich verdant forests. I have been in northern Thailand for quite a few months now as I travel around Southeast Asia. Scenes such as that depicted in the photo above remind me of home a little bit. Located two hours outside Chiang Mai, Thailand, locals call this place the Sticky Waterfall due to its rock surfaces having gained a bit of traction from the minerals deposited by the water.


Capture the Colour: White at the Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

It was only after seven continuous days of trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on the planet, that we finally reached our destination: the Annapurna Base Camp. It did not disappoint. What welcomed us and every trekker that had climbed this long and this far was a 360-degree view of the snowy peaks of the high Himalayas, an amphitheater of mountains. This is precisely why the area is called the Annapurna Sanctuary. Pictured here is a local Nepali porter taking a well-earned rest at 4,130 meters above sea level.

Nomination Time

At this point, I am to nominate fellow travel bloggers to post their photos. I know I won't be giving these guys a lot of time as the deadline for entries is on August 29, 2012. Still, I'd like to nominate these awesome Pinoy travel bloggers just because they're awesome.

Nina of
Marky of
Ed of
Gay of
Lois & Chichi of

Final Note

Travel bloggers need NOT be nominated to be able to participate. They can post their five amazing Capture the Colour photos anytime they want. Well, until August 29, 2012, to be able to be considered an official entry. Do visit TravelSupermarket's Capture the Colour Contest page for more information. They can be contacted via twitter (@travelsupermkt) or via email ( Good luck to everyone! (But not too much luck, if you know what I mean.)

Do you want to join the contest? Please do! Have these photos captured the colour enough or is it just my tired and weary eyes fooling me?

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