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Seven of the Most Beautiful Virgin Beaches of the Philippines (Part Two)

I believe I have said it again and again on this travel blog. I am a very big fan of virgin beaches. Forunately enough, I come from the Philippines, a country with more than 7,000 islands, many of which are remote and uninhabited. It's really inevitable that I come up with a list of Seven of the Most Beautiful Virgin Beaches in the Philippines.

The article remains to be one of the most popular posts on this travel blog. So I thought I create a follow-up. Since I am out of the country at the moment, I have asked my fellow Pinoy travel bloggers to tell me about the virgin beaches in the Philippines they have discovered in their travels.

Without further ado, here are Seven of the Most Beautiful Virgin Beaches in the Philippines (Part Two).

1. Panampangan Island (Tawi-Tawi)

First up is a virgin beach sent in by James of Located at the remote southeast corner of the Philippines, Panampangan Island may only be an hour and 15 minutes by boat from the nearest town of Bongao in Tawi-Tawi province, but very few people visit it. Although the area is peaceful, being on a remote corner of the Philippines means police escort is necessary. With waters of that color and clarity, however, I reckon all the trouble would be worth it.

Panampangan Island (Tawi-Tawi)
© 2012

2. Masasa Beach (Batangas)

From a remote corner of the Philippines to a place just a few hours from the capital Manila, this next virgin beach was sent in by Ian of and Alvin of Located in the province of Batangas, Masasa Beach is only four hours from Manila but remains an off-the-beaten-path destination in that you need to make a number of bus and boat transfers to be able to reach it. The pristine waters and the isolation is reason enough to go though. Add proximity to the capital city and we have a winner.

Masasa Beach (Batangas)
© 2012

3. Digyo Island (Leyte)

Sent in by Noel of Batangala, Digyo Island is a peaceful virgin beach located in Leyte province, one of the islands in central Philippines. Weather is never predictable in this part of the country, a region considered a typhoon alley. This explains the rough seas Noel and his family faced on the boat ride to and from the island. Nonetheless, the trip to this virgin beach might just be worth it if isolation in paradise is what you are looking for.

Digyo Island (Leyte)
© Batangala 2009

4. Bakhaw Beach (Cebu)

Bakhaw Beach is a fairly unknown beach in a fairly known beach destination. As Earl of says, it is not really part of the usual tourist trail in Camotes, Cebu. Hidden from view by trees and grassy lawns, this virgin beach can be reached through a dirt path jutting off the main road. Once off the dirt path, the trees and grass give way to a wide stretch of white sand beach and clear, blue waters.

Bakhaw Beach (Cebu)
© 2012

5. Buena Vista Beach (Romblon)

This next virgin beach is so off-the-grid that even Ryan of, a local in the province, did not know much about it. To get there, you have to traverse a bushy trail even locals don't take due to the superstition and mysticism they have about the area. Upon reaching the virgin beach, Ryan understood why locals felt this way. Trees loom over the sand and mangroves dot the shallow waters. It is secluded and unattended, the definition of a virgin beach.

Buena Vista Beach (Romblon)
© 2012

6. Dahican Beach (Davao Oriental)

It seems I have found another virgin beach lover as I have another sent in by Earl of Dahican Beach in Davao Oriental province is a crescent-shaped virgin beach facing the Philippine Sea and the Pacific. As Earl describes it, this virgin beach is perfect because it is peaceful, quiet and definitely devoid of crowds. Definitely worth the trip if you're in the area.

Dahican Beach (Davao Oriental)
© 2010

7. Palaui Island (Cagayan)

I have personally heard of Palaui Island a few years back when young, intrepid and independent Pinoy backpackers would take the trip up there. I say intrepid because from Manila, it's a 10-hour bus ride to Tuguegarao, the capital of Cagayan province, another 3 hours to Santa Ana town, the jump-off point to Palaui Island, and finally, a 2-hour hike to the virgin beach there. Quite an effort really. Views appear to be breathtaking, however, as shown by the photo from Marky of, who sent it in. Palaui Island is remote and isolated. No roads, establishments, or any infrastructure. It's camping in the wilderness out here, a perfect virgin beach trip.

Palaui Island (Cagayan)
© 2010

*This is part two of my post about the most beautiful virgin beaches of the Philippines. For part one, click here: Seven of the Most Beautiful Virgin Beaches of the Philippines.

Do you know of any other untouched virgin beaches in the Philippines? Have you gone to any of the beaches listed here?

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