Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Travel Tuesday: The Other Side

(Every Tuesday, I will be featuring a photograph from a place I have gone to, a photograph which I believe will inspire others to go out and see the world for themselves. For this week, Why Travel Tuesday talks about seeing the other side of the travel coin.)

Sarnath, Varanasi, India

It's not all pretty and fine and dandy in some of the places we go to. For much of south and southeast Asia, abject poverty is out on the streets for people to see. I come from this region and scenes such as this, while may not come as a shock, do come as a reminder. There are always many aspects to the places we visit and poverty is one of them. I sometimes get asked why I go to the "difficult" places I go to. It's simple. I travel to see what's there.

What's your answer? Why do you go to the difficult places you go to?

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