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Roomorama Chiang Mai and Living Like a Local (Also, My First Reader Contest!)

Read on and you may just win 50 US dollars to book your accommodation on your next travel destination. I am not kidding! This is my first blog contest. Ready for it?

In a post I did a few months back, I proudly declared that Roomarama has got it going on. And it does. However, after that experience, I was still left feeling like Roomorama had not fulfilled what it says it seeks out to fulfill: give travelers an alternative to hotels and guesthouses by offering listings for properties and short-term rentals making said travelers feel more like a local.

Imagine my delight when Roomorama approached me once more to do another property review and this time, offer my loyal readers a chance to experience Roomorama for themselves! Who was I to say no? So on I went to and searched for properties at my next destination: Chiang Mai, Thailand. Man, was I glad to have chosen Chiang Mai to do this! There were so many cheap properties in this city that I decided to stay for a week. Thankfully, Roomorama offered to sponsor part of my payment. So hell yeah, that's done.

Roomorama Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Review

Cost. I booked a studio apartment (no kitchen) for one week. The apartment was being rented out for 16 US dollars per night. However, if you book it for one week, you only pay more or less 11 US dollars for a night. It all came out to 92 US dollars for that one week (inclusive of all fees and utilities). Not bad, I thought. But then it got better! The property owner upgraded me to a studio with a kitchen. Now that's cool.

Location. I have been to Chiang Mai before so I already had a basic idea of the city's layout. The property I booked was an apartment high-rise called Galare Thong Tower about 10 minutes away from the city center on motorbike. Still, it's on the same street as the night bizarre at Chang Klan, so I thought it was alright. And there was still a smattering of local restaurants and food stalls around. I mean, this is still Thailand. All in all, it had a very local feel. That was good.

Roomorama Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Room. I have to say. The room looked like something I would not think I will be able to afford by myself. It was a well-furnished, well laid out studio apartment. There was a king-size bed, big-screen television, a dining area, a lounge area, and two air-condition units. There was even a balcony. What I appreciated the most, however, was the fact that housekeeping was included. I got back to the apartment one day and saw everything in place, tidy, and shiny again. And all for 11 US dollars a night? I have paid more in other places and got far less amenities!

Roomorama Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kitchen. The fact that I get a kitchen is already a bonus. Having traveled for so long and having stayed only in hostels and guesthouses, it felt so good having a kitchen to myself again. I was not able to do much cooking, but the fact that I had eating utensils, a coffee maker, and kitchen sink made me happy. I didn't have to go out to get a meal. It definitely made me feel like I was settling down, as a local would.

Roomorama Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bathroom. I am not that picky with bathrooms. As long as it's clean with a working faucet, I'm good. I don't even look for hot showers (at least in this part of the world). It did not not hurt, of course, that my bathroom had hot shower, bath tub, a sink with a big-*ss mirror, western-style toilet, clean towels, shampoo, and soap, all of which got cleaned or replenished when housekeeping came. Again, 11 dollars?!

Roomorama Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

WiFi. And this is perhaps my only negative. The listing said Wireless Internet was available. What it did not say, however, was that the WiFi was only available at the cafe-bar down at the lobby. If you want WiFi available in the rooms, you need to buy credits at the reception. But it wasn't that bad really. One-week access only cost me around 6 US dollars.

THE VERDICT. So if I were to ask myself again if this Roomorama experience provided me an alternative to the usual hostels and guesthouses I stay in during my travels, hell yes! And having stayed for a whole week there, it certainly made me feel like a full-fledged Chiang Mai resident, a local. Mission accomplished. So would I recommend Roomorama to other travelers, even if they did not sponsor part of my stay, another hell yes!

If you are indeed curious and want to sign-up, do so by clicking on this link: Or you can use the Roomorama widget on my sidebar to search for properties right then and there! Do know that I am part of the Roomorama affiliate program and part of your booking payments will go to me. So if you indeed end up using Roomarama, I say thank you!

Roomorama Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Let me mention that the room included free breakfast. Again, 11 dollars?!

The Contest

Up for Grabs. So the part you are actually eager to read. Because Roomorama wants you to experience what I experienced, they are giving away 50 US dollars worth of booking credit to use for your next travel destination. And with property listings for over 3900 destinations worldwide, I'm sure you'll be able to find a property listing in Roomorama to use your 50-dollar credit for.

The Mechanics. As you may or may not know, this is actually my first blog contest. And I haven't really done much in way of getting to know the readers of this blog. I know there are a few of you out there! So what the hey. I want you to introduce yourselves. I want to know who I'm writing for, the people who I am hopefully inspiring to travel with all my stories and photos. So here's what you do:

1. Pick any one of my blog posts, one that you particularly liked, one that inspired you to travel, one that made you start planning your next travels, or what have you. Just one post. You can search for it via the search box on my sidebar or the archives below this page (scroll down).

2. Share that post on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Send me the link to your Facebook post or your Tweet by leaving me a message at the comments section at the lower part of this post.

Easy enough, I think. This way, I will get an idea who you are, dear reader, and hopefully, introduce my travel blog to your Facebook or Twitter friends who are themselves itching to get travel inspirations and what not. And yes, I will not lie, I could use the pageviews.

By the way, guys, I will only allow one entry per person. Entries from dummy accounts (if that's even a thing) will not be accepted. I want to get to know you, my real readers, and not some fake account you created to win the contest. Alright?

Selecting the Winner. Contest will run until midnight of Friday, April 13 (GMT +7). After that time, entries will no longer be accepted and I will disable the comments section for this post. From there, I shall number all entries and generate a winning number via Sounds fair, right? I will announce the winner Sunday, April 15. That's it! Post away, my friends!

(Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are, of course, honest and all mine.)

You want to join the contest, don't you? Go on. Do it! Pick a post and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Then tell me about it below. Good luck!

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