Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Travel Tuesday: Back on the Road

(Every Tuesday, I will be featuring a photograph from a place I have gone to, a photograph which I believe will inspire others to go out and see the world for themselves. For this week, Why Travel Tuesday talks about the oftentimes insatiable feeling of starting another journey, whether it be for just a few days or a even a few months. There is nothing like the feeling of being back on the road.)

Rough Riding
Rough riding on a 4x4 through the sand dunes of Mt. Pinatubo

It's a great feeling, isn't it? That feeling you get the first few hours of your trip. The possibilities and opportunities that life "on the road" offers are endless. You are off to experience something completely new. And the excitement is just gosh darn insatiable.

And yes, I am back on the road to continue what I set out to do October last year—backpack Asia for six months. I am currently transiting through Ho Chi Minh City, making my way north all the way to China (see the part 02 of my itinerary). I'm still figuring out which cities and towns to stop in. I am taking it easy this time. And I'm posting more stories and photos from the first three months of the trip. So please, please stay tuned!

Do you also get gosh darn excited the moment you step out of the house to begin you adventure? What's the feeling like in your case?

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