Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Eat a Traditional Kaya Breakfast

The traditional kaya toast is a breakfast or snack food staple for many Singaporeans. Kaya toast is bread with kaya jam spread, on top of which is a thin slice of butter. For that extra richness, of course. It was brought to Singapore by the Hainanese who got it from from the British who originally had their tea with toast and jam. The kaya jam is a sweet spread made from coconuts. It is basically coconut jam. We do have coconut jams back home in the Philippines, but this was different. The kaya jam was lighter in color, texture and taste. I think I liked it better.

Traditional Kaya Toast

It was one of the things a friend of mine living there made sure I try. He says it was one of the things he loves about Singapore. However, when you do get it for breakfast, he says, you have to follow a certain process. Yes, like all things Singaporean, it has order. Worry not. I took note of the steps to eating a traditional kaya breakfast. Let’s begin.

Step 01: Get to your coffee/tea house and order a traditional Kaya set. That means, you get a cup of milk tea or a cup of coffee (your choice), a couple of gooey and gloopy half-cooked eggs on a bowl, and a plate full of kaya toast.

Step 02: You take your bowl of gooey and gloopy half-cooked eggs and put some dark soy sauce on it. Swirl the thing around until the mixture becomes brown and even more gooey and gloopy.

Traditional Kaya Set

Step 03: Take a kaya toast and dip it in the egg mixture. That’s when you take a bite of sweet and crunchy heaven.

Step 04: Grab your cup of milk tea or coffee and take a sip. You will find that it is the perfect accompaniment to the kaya toast dipped in egg mixture.

Step 05: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until everything in your table has been consumed. Everything.

That’s it. It is an enjoyable snack food, if anything. If I were living in Singapore, I’d have this every single morning. True story! (Special thanks to Mar Capistrano for initiating us into this delicious Singaporean custom.)

Have you had Kaya toast before? Did you like it? What are your breakfast food staples?

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