Friday, September 30, 2011

Off the Beaten Path - September Top Picks

September has come and gone. And boy, that was fast! Normally I am not that excited about anything this time of the year. But something big is happening this October. Something really big. That's because just a few weeks prior, I finally decided to bite the bullet and backpack Asia for six months (possibly longer). That's right. I've held on to this dream for quite a while now. I thought it's about time I realize it.

Part of my inspiration for jumping into this big endeavor is the travel blogging community. There are a lot of inspiring people out there. So as a way to give back to them, I will be doing a round-up every end of the month of all the blog posts I found to be worth sharing. This month, the theme I chose is Off the Beaten Path.

What does Off the Beaten Path Really Mean? (via Legal Nomads)

First up, I thought we define what off the beaten path really means. The writer, Jodi, helps us with that. She believes that off the beaten path does not have to be some place exotic, secret and unexplored. Rather, it's all in the experience. For Jodi, it's about truly listening, communicating and interacting with the people around you. Thus, off the beaten path may very well be your neighborhood metro stop. Think about it.

Bedouins of Petra (via Wanderlass)

Wanderlass Lilliane could not go more off the beaten path if anyone wanted to. She went beyond seeing the magnificent sights of Petra in Jordan by immersing herself in the lives of the local Bedouins. Along the way, she was treated not as a guest, but as family. These kinds of travel stories are the ones I truly enjoy reading about. Hopefully, I will get to experience something like it very soon.

Sleeping On The Great Wall Of China (via Positive World Travel)

The Great Wall of China isn't exactly off the beaten path. Year after year, millions of people, myself included, see it and walk through it. However, few visitors actually take the time to really experience it by camping there the night. Now that's off the beaten path.

A Little Story...A Guitar as a Gateway to Culture (via A Little Adrift)

This post made me smile because it's a very unusual look into traveling. You don't normally see guitars in people's packing lists. Yet, Shannon tells us that there are so many ways to find a window into a new country, and a guitar was actually their gateway into participating in a local culture, rather than just travel through and observe. You learn that a guitar may not be practical, but it can be very rewarding.

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