Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Great Travelers Garage Sale

As if inspiring people with their adventures, photos and dance craze wasn’t enough, Filipina backpackers Lois and Chichi of We Are Sole Sisters have organized a GREAT TRAVELERS GARAGE SALE for those soon to follow in their footsteps. To them, it's not enough to inspire and encourage others to travel. They want to enable more Filipinos to go out there and see the world. It will be the best education you can ever give yourself. This is their small way of helping travelers kickstart their adventures.

Quite a noble cause, I say. Lucky for me and my travel partner Angelica, we were invited to join in. Impeccable timing, really. We are leaving for our big Asian backpacking adventure in a couple of weeks. Two weeks! So please, spare us some of your loose change. Every peso you spend will help us fulfill our dreams and fuel our passions. It might just ignite yours, too.

The Great Travelers Garage Sale will take place this coming Saturday, October 1st, at 88 Payna Street, Veterans Village Project 7, Quezon City from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Travelers Garage Sale

Directions to get there from the South: Just follow the MRT til you reach SM North Edsa Station. Continue to left and take the first U-Turn. Take right to Bansalangin Street (landmark: MiniStop, in front of SM Annex). Turn left at the first intersection and then turn right. Count 3 houses and you're there!

Directions to get there from the North: Just follow the LRT til you reach Roosevelt Station. Continue straight til you reach Bansalangin Street (in front of SM Annex) and turn right (landmark: MiniStop). Turn left at the first intersection and then turn right. Count 3 houses and you're there!

If you want to get creative with your own routes, here is the Google Map. Zoom in as you see fit.

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By the way, Angelica and I aren’t the only ones who are going to be selling our stuff. Three other travelers who are going to be there are Jonna of The Bratpacker, Karen of Tips ‘n Travels and Ralf of My Footprints My Life. And I think there's going to be a lot more!

Up for grabs are all types of clothing (from jackets to shirts to pants), books (lots of them!), messenger bags, luggage, backpacks, footwear (for men and women), office clothes, printer ink, photography equipment, CDs, DVDs and Thailand goodies (this courtesy of Ralf).

Please join us and get yourself a few things. It will help a Filipino traveler get closer to their dream of traveling the world! The Facebook page for the event is here: The Great Travelers Garage Sale. Do sign up!

See you all there!

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