Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Travel Tuesday: Baguio City

Every Tuesday, I will be featuring a photograph of a place I have gone to, a photograph which I believe will inspire others to go out and see the world for themselves. I want to encourage people to travel because travel has shown me a lot of beautiful things, has acquainted me with a lot of amazing people, and has taught me lessons I will keep for the rest of my life. For this week, Why Travel Tuesday features Baguio City.

Baguio: Oh My Gulay

Baguio City is a city high up in the Cordillera mountains of northern Luzon in the Philippines. Its climate is especially popular with a lot of Filipinos because unlike the rest of the country, it never gets really warm in Baguio. Summer temperature is a perfect 16 to 25 degrees Celsius. The city is also the jump-off point to a zigzagged mountain ride onto the more remote regions of Benguet, Ifugao and the Mountain Province.

Have you been to Baguio City? What did you think of the place? How do you think it has changed over the years?

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