Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inspiration to Travel - August Top Picks

As a way to give back to the travel blogging community, both local and international, a community to whom I owe so much in terms of travel inspiration and ideas, I will be doing a round-up every end of the month of all the blog posts I found to be worth sharing. This month, the theme I chose is Inspiration to Travel.

You Don't Have to Be Rich to See the World (via

First post is by a friend of mine, Jerick, who points out that to travel you don't really need to have deep golden pockets, that "there are more ways to travel, and all you need is to keep your desire and dedication to see the world." I completely agree!

Fake It Till You Make It! (via

I loved this post because it totally reaffirmed my belief that bravery isn't really about having no fears. It is more about being scared sh*tless and doing it anyway. Traveling by yourself to a foreign country is scary as hell. But many people, including myself, are doing it. We're frightened, sure. But that definitely won't stop us.

I've Been Rehearsing for This Role My Entire Life (via

The role that the writer, Janice, is referring to here is being a solo traveler. I related to this post because, like Janice, I never really thought of myself as outgoing enough to approach total strangers as one would have to on a constant basis when traveling solo. Through years of solo travel, she has become outgoing, able to meet people easily. I guess by going on independent travel, I hope to gain this ability, too.

Define Your Own Goals – Paving Our Own Roads (via

This post is not necessarily about travel but more about going your own way, setting your own goals. Just because one goal worked for one person doesn't mean you need to make it your goal, too. "Define your own path, your own measure of success and your own pace." Great advice.

Why I Quit My Job to Travel – and What's Next (via

The writer, Katie, has gone quite far with her legal career, but she is choosing to leave it all behind to pursue her travel dreams. I admire people who take that kind of leap, I think because I just did something like that. Like Katie, I may not know what lies ahead but I'm excited about it.

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