Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conquering Mount Pulag (First Assault)

That February weekend was probably the most difficult and challenging two days I ever experienced. I initially had the idea of climbing Mount Pulag in Benguet province on a February. This time of the year is when it gets really cold in this tropical country, more so on the second (or third, depending on whose estimates you follow) highest mountain in the Philippines, definitely the highest on Luzon mainland. And boy, what the hell was I thinking?

Mt. Pulag, Cordilleras, Benguet, Philippines
Before getting all disheveled and sickly.
© Angelica Cruz 2011

We took the Ambangeg route up and down. This route has a difficulty level of 3/9, the easiest trail to Mount Pulag. That said, the climb is still difficult (hey, they did use the word "difficulty"), especially for lowland, non-mountaineer folk like me. Especially since I was suffering from colds and cough since days before the trip. It was worsened, of course, by the freezing, damp, mountain wind. Yes, not just air, but wind.