Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Territories to Conquer

I have been putting this off for a while now. Since I already used up all excuses I could come up with, and since a new year just began, I am guessing it was about damn time I did this. So here we go.

A New Look

I was hesitant at first leaving the comforts and familiarity of Blogger Classic. Four years ago, if you were familiar with HTML and CSS, you would be able to customize your blog like it's nobody's business. I remember even designing and creating the graphics and layout of these pages.

It's a different world now, however. I can no longer keep up with all these new codes, languages and scripts. It was time that I made the switch and let the professionals take over. So far, I'm finding new Blogger quite easy to navigate through. So far.

A New Title

So I did away with Latin and instead chose to use my own native language, Tagalog. Like what it says above, "lakad" [lah-kahd] means walk while "lipad" [lee-pahd] means fly. And there is nothing this Pinoy (me, of course) will not do to reach a destination.

Quite a few trips are planned for this year. Some of the destinations are accessible by plane, some only by boat, some by train, some by bus and others accessible only on foot. All my destinations this year hold much promise. Naturally, mode of transportation will and should not matter. I will get there. You'll see.

New Lands

I am beginning to venture out into mainland Asia. Last year, it was Vietnam and Cambodia. Come March, it will be China. A few more months forward, and with fingers fully crossed, it will be India and the Himalayas.

I think "Travel, Photography, Philippines" no longer applies. Thus, the change: "Travel, Photography, Asia." I am hoping "Asia" would not be the last change though. Maybe Europe, Americas, Africa or even Antarctica. The possibilities are endless.

I am getting all fired up thinking about all these things. Hopefully, the novelty of not just this newly refurnished blog, but also of travel, discovery and exploration won't wear out soon. I am not worried though. Not one bit.

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