Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Travel Log: Back from Saigon and Siem Reap

Just woke up 4 p.m. Tuesday in Manila. I am currently transferring the photos I took from this trip onto my notebook. On any given trip, I average at about 600 to 700 photos. For this trip, however, it totaled to almost 2,400 pictures.

Yet, I still don't feel that that figure was enough to have captured everything. Before sifting through the photos, I feel like I have to sift through all the things I saw, I learned, I felt, I heard, I smelled, I tasted. All the experiences I had during that five-day stay abroad.

Right now, if people come up to me and abruptly asks me, "How was your trip?" I will not know what to say. I will not know where to begin. There are just too many things. I am getting all emotional just thinking about each of them.

During the trip, a friend said that when she closed her eyes, the places and landscapes she saw still lingered. I think that just started happening to me today. It is bitter-sweet to say the least. You love that you have that, yet you feel sad that you're already back.

Which is why I am making a promise to myself to continue traveling, to continue getting on the road. There is just no greater feeling.

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