Sunday, December 20, 2009

UP Diliman: Lantern Parade 2009

Every December, to mark the culmination of the year (and the beginning of the holiday vacation), UP hosts a parade of sorts featuring colorfully lit floats created by various members of the UP community. Some of these floats have lanterns on them, some are the laterns themselves. Then, of course, there're the costumed folks who decorate the streets in all pomp and pageantry. All make for a festive Christmas event.

UP Lantern Parade 2009

I make it a point to attend the parade every year, if only for the fireworks. Now, it will be obvious to those who attended this year that all the pictures here feature only lanterns and floats created by the College of Fine Arts. One, I arrived late and two, they're the only college worth watching. (I kid! Haha.) Enjoy.