Sunday, August 30, 2009

Siquijor: Salagdoong Beach

While we stayed at the Coco Grove beach resort, we never actually bathed in their beach. I guess we found their pools more inviting. And it really was. We, however, were bent on finding a really good beach in the island. Thus, we asked the resort staff what Siquijor's best beach was. Their automatic response was, naturally, Coco Grove. A little more prodding and you'll get them to say Salagdoong Beach.

Salagdoong Beach

The day before, we asked our trike driver, the same one that took us from the port to the resort, if he could hook us up with land transport for our inland tour. So he did. We didn't use his trike, though. We boarded the back of some sort of a mini-pick-up truck. The ride in and around the island was great. We got to see the real Siquijorenses. The coastal views were amazing, too. Real amazing.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Siquijor: Coco Grove

Do not let common belief scare you. While Siquijor is surrounded by stories of mangkukulams and arbolarios, it should not stop you from exploring the island. In fact, it should encourage you to visit it. Folklore as rich and as widely believed says a lot about the place.

Macky the Macaw, Coco Grove, Siquijor

But we did not come to Siquijor for that. I guess we were too scared to go looking for it. Besides, we figured the little island in the southern part of the Visayan archipelago has something more to offer. And it has.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lakbayan Update: Dumaguete-Siquijor

Time for a Lakbayan map update.

My Lakbayan grade is C minus.

Yes, that's right. I just went to small-town-but-with-a-lot-of-personality Dumaguete and the mystical little island of Siquijor. I plan to conquer more Visayan islands in the future. ;)

Photos to come.

(Again, to get your own Lakbayan grade and map, please visit this website, created by one Eugene Villar.)

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