Friday, May 8, 2009

Coron: Sights and Sunsets at Kayangan

One of the last places we visited in Coron, Palawan is Kayangan Lake. Said to be one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines, Kayangan, as with most lakes in the area, is actually part salt water and part fresh water. The fresh water, we were told, comes from the hills and the tall limestone cliffs that enclose the lakes.

Sights at Kayangan Lake

The lake is on the other side of a steep mountain. So, to get to the actual lake, you had to climb up this mountain. They have built a staircase there, so it's very accessible. The downside is, it's very accessible. This means a whole lot of tourists. I do think, however, that the lake is spacious enough for many people. So the swim there is still very much enjoyable.

Steps to Kayangan Lake

I have to be honest. None of the pictures here are of Kayangan Lake itself. The pictures here are actually of the views you see going to and from the lake. There were these huts you see as you approach the staircase. The contrast in the colors of these huts and the crystalline turquoise water was to me very bizarre, interesting and at the same time, amazing.

Sights at Kayangan Lake

There are other lakes and lagoons in these parts worth mentioning. One of them is Barracuda Lake. Not many people can access it because to get there you have to climb up and down very sharp rock boulders. No staircases. Very dangerous. I was even advised to not bring my camera with me, which was fine. But when we got there, I felt like we discovered a hidden gem. We were the only ones in that vast blue-green water. I even went cliff jumping there. Amazing. It was truly an outstanding experience.

Coron Sunset

After touring Coron island, it was time to get back to Coron town. At this time, the sun was already setting. We were already on the boat by then, cruising our way through the water. This was fortunate, because we got to see one pretty unforgettable sunset Coron had to offer. That was our last day there. And the sunset was the perfect ending to our wonderful trip.

Coron Sunset

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