Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Traveler?

And I call myself a traveler. Blech. See below my Lakbayan grade. It. Is. Pathetic!

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

Cutting myself some slack, though, I think my map would've been more pathetic two or three years ago.

Most of my family is from Southern Luzon and our vacation options would include just Laguna, Batangas and maybe even Zambales. It got even slimmer when two of our uncles bought land in Silang, Cavite. No longer did my family considered going some place else. Every year it was Silang, Cavite.

I was only able to really travel when I started earning for myself. Every summer, some friends and I would go out of town. Our training wheels were the different "resorts" in Antipolo. (Hey! We all had to start somewhere.) Then, we progressed to Puerto Galera (getting better, getting better).

Last year was very successful (11 participants). We visited the different sites (mostly the touristy ones) of Bohol, including the very attractive Panglao island. And although this year there were only six of us, we were still able to get to Northern Palawan and see serene Coron.

My point is, I am most definitely planning to get my Lakbayan grade up. I was in Baguio last December 2008, celebrating my birthday. A week after I came back from Coron, I beached myself in the very unique Anawangin cove in Zambales.

Three weeks from now, I will be in Bantayan island in Northern Cebu. We plan to explore Cebu City, too, on the way back. In June, I will revisit my beloved UP Los Baños and maybe even road trip to Pagsanjan. Later this year, I plan to bag my first summit. I am crossing my fingers it will be Mt. Pulag, the highest peak in Luzon, located in southern Cordillera.

So yeah, I am most definitely on my way to seeing more of my country, my beautiful Pinas.

(P.S. To get your own Lakbayan grade and map, please visit this website, created by one Eugene Villar. Really great site.)

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