Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coron: Lusong and Sangat

We were in Coron, Palawan for four days and three nights. As I mentioned in my previous post, the town has a bay, not a beach. You have to arrange for an island-hopping tour of the whole archipelago to get to these beaches, and to all other snorkel sites, lakes, etc. that Coron island also offers tourists.

Lusong Reef

On our second day, we went to Lusong. There they have a coral garden and a wreck of a WWII Japanese vessel. It's underwater, of course. It was the first time I or any of my travel companions ever saw a shipwreck. It was scary and creepy, yet exciting. Unfortunately, nobody had an underwater camera. So boo to us. I, though, was able to take a photo of the coral garden, from above the water, of course. It still amazes me how crystal clear the waters are there. Amazing.

Sangat Island

The tour we paid for also includes a very hearty lunch. Pinoy-style fish steak, grilled porkchops, some greens, some fruits for dessert. Yeah, family style lunch. What's even better is that we had it on a secluded tropical paradise--the Sangat Island Reserve.

Sangat Island

There is a resort in the island, which, it seemed to me, catered only to foreigners. I think there were less locals than foreigners in that resort, and I'm including the resort staff here. It isn't odd, really. The island seemed like the place you'd find in James Bond movies, where expat criminals would hide and lie low.

Beach on Sangat Island

The resort is so secluded, so quiet, so peaceful. It was already noon and save for this little girl and her dad, we were the only ones standing in that long stretch of white-sand beach. So I thought, why didn't we choose to stay here? Ah, yes. Accomodations in the island is rather steep for our yuppie budgets. See for yourself here in their website: Sangat Island Reserve.

Sangat Island

Exhausted from the hearty lunch we just had, we rested in the hammocks by the beach. We had our "ah...this is the life" moment. I wanted to take more pictures but damn, the camera's battery was running out of power. When that happens, it automatically shuts down the shutter. So, no more picture-taking!

Relax on Sangat Island

We spent the rest of the early afternoon exploring the reserve. At the end of the beach, we found a rock cliff. What's neat is that they've built a wooden footbridge along the face of that cliff. Below the footbridge are rocks, pretty sharp ones, and the blue-green waters of that cove.

At one point along the bridge, you get a 180-degree view of the pristine waters of the island. It's one of the most amazing views I've ever had. I need to go back there to take a photo of it. I want to take it back with me to Manila to remind myself of that breathtaking natural beauty.

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