Monday, April 27, 2009

Baguio: The Secret Garden

It was only the second time I went to Baguio. The first time I went I was still in high school. Literally, my high school sent me to Baguio to participate in some inter-school event. No, we were not able to explore much that first time. We did explore but as expected, we followed the tourist trail. This time was different. We had a local among us.

One of the places she took us to was the Secret Garden. It's a small garden adjacent to the Bell Amphitheater, just behind the Bell House, in Camp John Hay. Two trails on either side of the house will lead you to the garden. The entrace to the trails are hidden and nondescript enough that on a good day, you'll have the garden all to yourself, like we did.

The garden is on top of a hill, hidden from the rest of the world by pine trees. It's very quiet there. Even though Camp John Hay is littered with tourists, somehow, the garden is isolated from all of it. It was so quiet there that some of us took a nap on the soft garden ground.

In the middle of the garden is this beautiful gazebo. It's the centerpiece of the garden, I guess. I really liked the whole place, mostly because it's really quiet and peaceful there. Plus, you have Baguio's cool climate. It's just perfect. I think it'll be a stop I'll drop by to every single time I visit the city.

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